Elegant Wall Finishes

Venetian plastering and Marble plastering.

Polished plaster is recommended for architects, builders and people in general that fancy the look and feel of decorative plaster finishes. The ancient art of Venetian Marble Plastering is just finding its way as a magnificent form of surface decoration back into the world of interior and exterior art decor. It combines ancient skills with modern materials to create an extraordinary range of intriguing and lustrous wall finishes.

The possible outcomes are endless when it comes to interior and exterior use of Venetian Marble Plaster which possesses a wide range of colors, decorative effects and textures. It has the immeasurable ability to transform an ordinary wall, floor or ceiling into a masterpiece.

Although the use of Venetian Marble Plaster with its distinctive finish may totally require a higher initial capital outlay compared to some other forms of surface decoration and finishes, it is highly cost effective and efficient on a long-term and whole life basis. Each completed finish is a unique artwork providing a permanent and valuable asset to the owner of the building. Contrast this to the transient nature of conventional finishes which requires repeated redecoration or renewal over the same period and the appeal of Venetian Marble Plaster is evident.

Well are you planning to redesign or give your home or work environment a total facelift, or do you think the old surface and Wall finish has lost the feel and you want to have a new interior design that will look stylish and elegant, without costing as much as a full renovation? Elegant Wall Finishes are just around the corner. We provide you with professional advice and manpower that specializes in decorative wall finishes. Our highly skilled staffs with the latest equipment and applicators create bespoke wall finishes using the highest quality Venetian Marble Plaster as these types of finishes offer amazing benefits to both residential and commercial atmospheres.

Our Venetian Marble Plaster is:

Versatile: Venetian Marble Plaster can be applied to any type of new surface or pre-existing wall. There is just no surface where it cannot be used. Also it can be safely used on wood, bricks, stone, tiles, cement boards and drywall. It is the best and easiest finishing treatment option for very complex surfaces.

Durability: When talking about Venetian Marble Plaster, durability is another feature that needs to be emphasized. This material can last for so many years, and once the plaster coating has completely dried up it will be transformed into a rock-like material with the ability to withstand impact which makes it long lasting than other wall paint finishes. It is actually the most practical option for your home.

Characteristics: one of the products distinctive characteristics and advantage is provided by excellent breath ability which prevents moisture from being stored up inside the wall finish thus providing resistance to the primary attack of damp, ageing and mould. This is why Venetian Marble Plaster finishes are suitable for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Pools and other areas of your home.